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What is ePlayer?
ePlayer is a cloud-based, end-to-end streaming solution which enables individuals, companies and enterprises to broadcast their events on Internet.
We offer a player which can handle unlimited concurrent viewers.

What is your DMCA policy?
Your channel will get banned in case we receive a valid DMCA notice. DMCA policy is same for all accounts. Please consult our TOS policy for more information.

What is the maximum bit-rate allowed for streaming?
You can stream each channel at maximum 4000Kbps.

I have another question.
Please send an email to [email protected] for technical and support related queries. If you prefer real time communication, you can find our Skype in the footer ;)

Skype: cid.ebc8f2a0a8f1cc19 agent 1
https://t.me/spacss1 agent 2 
https://t.me/drsalamus agent 1
Please contact us.


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